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How to get your garage organized this summer

Thursday, July 29, 2021   /   by Hans Suhr

How to get your garage organized this summer

Cleaning and organizing a garage can sound overwhelming but summer is the perfect time to get it done!

1.            Create a plan

Make a list of your top priority items to tackle. Maybe it’s getting stuff off the ground so the car fits in the garage. It could be tidying up the holiday items. Whatever you need from your garage, make a plan to deal with those priority items.


2.            Set aside time

Try to aim to set aside chunks of time, or even a whole day or weekend if you need. When you can focus on the task at hand it will help you to complete the project within the time that you’ve allotted. Pull out everything that is in your way, create categories like trash, recycling, donation, holiday items, and sports equipment so that you can easily get rid of it or have organized storage for moving forward. 


3.            Be prepared

Before you tackle organizing, make sure you are prepared with extra trash bags, a broom, boxes, totes for storage, hooks to hang items and whatever else you may need.

Having the right supplies ahead of time will help prevent things getting tossed back into the garage again and will keep like items together so they’re easier to find.


4.            Go vertical

Think of how you can use your vertical storage in your garage. Pegboards, cabinets, hooks, hangers, and overhead storage can get your tools or sports equipment off the ground and create more space and organization.


5.            Store things where you use them

Store your most used items in places where it’s easy to grab them. If you mostly keep lawn tools in the garage, make sure to store them where you can access them. If you need space for recycling, put it close to the door so you can get to it easily.


6.            Designate space for family members

If every family member has garage items, consider creating lockers or cubby spaces for everyone to store their own items so they can keep them separate and have easy access. No more fighting over items! Add hooks for hanging, benches for taking off boots or baskets for storing outdoor items.


Once you’re done organizing, make sure the garage is clean and tidy, swept of any debris or spills. It’s a great time to check light bulbs and any other mechanical checks and maintenance to make sure your garage is in top condition.

Does your garage need a good clean up or maybe you’ve outgrown your space? Ask me about my strategy to help you sell your home and find you your next one that has more space and storage! I’m here to answer your questions.