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The Best Renovations for Resale Value

Thursday, May 6, 2021   /   by Hans Suhr

The Best Renovations for Resale Value

What renovations improve the resale value of your home?

Do you wonder what renovation projects will improve the resale value of your home? Your return on investment is important but not all home projects add value. Here are some of the best remodels worth doing. 


Kitchen remodels still tend to be one of the top renovation projects for resale value. Most kitchen remodels improve the usability of a space which enhances a buyers desire for the space. A mid-range renovation will recoup an average of 80% of the cost through increased home value. 


Another renovation that adds value is turning unfinished space into another bedroom. Unfinished basements or attics can be good storage but often are just dumping grounds for excess stuff. Adding more finished square footage with a new usable room can open up the home to buyers with larger families and appeal to a larger number of potential buyers. 


Bathroom renovations that improve the function of the space and update the appearance can be an added value to a home. Buyers want to be able to walk into a home and be able to start living, and a completed bathroom renovation allows them to do that. Adding new low-flush toilets and storage can be good choices too. 

Finally, adding a new front door or other curb appeal can see a massive return in resale value. A front entrance is the first impression people have of your home, and a new door, or a new fresh coat of paint can drastically improve curb appeal. 

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