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Tips for moving

Thursday, May 13, 2021   /   by Hans Suhr

Tips for moving

Packing up your life and moving doesn’t have to be a huge and daunting task. Here are some tips so that you can be relaxing in your new space before you know it!

Most of us end up moving at some point, and there are some tried-and-true methods to make the process run smoother. There will always be some hiccups but following a moving checklist can help keep everything in order, and to try to keep a positive mind about the big changes happening. 

1. Reduce the amount of stuff you pack

Packing all your possessions into boxes, bags, and more can be overwhelming. Make it a little bit easier on yourself by selling, donating, or tossing items that you no longer need, use or are broken. Before you pack a single box, do a merciless purge of unused or unnecessary items. You'll have less to pack, less to move, and less to unpack—and you'll start life in your new space with a clean slate. It’s a great time to finally dig deep in those closets and cupboards!

2. Pack in advance 

Once you know where and when you are moving, it’s a good time to start packing. Put off-season items and items you don’t need regularly away into boxes. Seasonal items or holiday items are easy items that can be packed if you know you won’t need them during the time before you move. When it's finally time to move, many items will already be ready to go, giving you less to stress about.

3. Book services early

Hire your movers and other professionals such as painters or cleaners for move out/in cleans early. Waiting could mean paying increased prices or not being able to get in with your preferred professionals! 

4. Schedule utilities for your new place

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home and realizing that you don’t have working services like electricity. Make sure to schedule your new utilities as well as ensuring that the services will end at your old home. 

5. Keep the essentials with you

Keep important essentials available like a quick change of clothes, toiletries, any must have toys for kids, medications, important paperwork and more in a to-go bag or suitcase. Keep it accessible and easy to grab such as in your car so that you have important items should you need. 

Moving can feel like a large and overwhelming process but with a few tips it can be manageable! Thinking about moving? Connect with me if you are thinking of buying or selling and let’s talk about how to make your next move run smoothly!